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Interview with Brian Brase

Reflections on the U.S. Convoy Movement

In early spring 2022, the main convoy movement that sprung up in the United States, The People’s Convoy, made its way across the country from California to Washington, DC. Though the journey was filled with many amazing stories of hope and inspiration, the lead trucker organizers found themselves constantly fielding attempts to sabotage the convoy’s success. I, along with a network of others from the health freedom movement, supported the convoy remotely, working as a kind of ground control. Through monitoring, documenting, and sharing information, we worked to protect the convoy as it journeyed east and once it arrived in Hagerstown.

This past January, I was honored to have Brian visit and give me the opportunity to interview him about his experiences during the convoy, including the controversial and difficult events he has almost altogether avoided talking about until now.

What strikes me most profoundly about Brian is his common sense and good will. His recounting of the story of The People’s Convoy clearly reflects how powerful exercising certain simple, strongly held values can be. If you are deceitful and lie, you cannot be trusted and should not be part of the leadership team. If your self-interest is more important than your care for others, you cannot be trusted and should not be part of the leadership team. These simple inner barometers were enough to mitigate even some of the most extreme attempts by bad actors to create chaos. Sometimes the toolbox doesn’t need to be overly complex; intelligence takes on many forms.

The video is a short, edited version of our interview. The full two-hour conversation can be listened to here:


Full 2-hour audio interview with Brian Brase, January 2023

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