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My newsletter is inspired by the Wendell Berry poem, Manifesto: The Mad Farmer’s Liberation Front. In it, Berry weaves an illuminating tale from a tethered mind and predictable behavior, to imaginative ways to outfox the AI and live in freedom, encouraging you the reader to “do the unexpected.”

Some themes covered will include: AI-generated targeted propaganda, social media intelligence-operated dragnets, in-real-life false-flag attempts, meme warfare, and how to identify the trappings of these activities.

My Origins series of stories covers subversive tactics deployed by ill-intentioned establishment forces to manipulate the minds and hearts and actions of the American people.

My Manifestations series highlights ways in which Origins efforts manifest in the day-to-day world of regular people. My goal is to guide folks to start forming toolboxes with which they can protect themselves from manipulative exploits from on high.

My Imaginations series is me meandering through my own mental maze and beyond.

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Outpacing AI - Living in Freedom - Developing tools to perceive propaganda manipulation, and to maintain agency over mind, feelings and actions. Exploring and exposing the psyop terrain.


Teacher, Researcher, Community Organizer. Exposing the Psy-Ops, Empowering the People.