Would love to interview you if you are free. Please contact me at www.gemmaodoherty.com

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I was going to share your substack article & video, but I might get a benefit from it and you will attack me for sharing it.

So I won't

Is there ANYTHING that Dr. Malone can do that will not be attacked? He shares your article (he has a MUCH higher visibility than you) and instead of being somewhat, I don't know, grateful? gracious? you attack & badmouth him. Because somehow, it will help him. Well, we wouldn't want to use your article to help anyone but yourself, I guess.

Dr. Malone has done more to wake up the masses than the vast majority of the 'independents' combined. But that doesn't matter because somehow he's not perfect. I'm sure the other truthers are completely without sin LOL

I didn't bother to listen to the rest of your video, my loss, I'm sure.

Grow up and stop being divisive.

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Does it matter to you that Dr Malone has worked for years with the cia

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Coulson wants to do an interview and talk about “anything".

Kristin and Liam….any interest?

Foster Coulson

12 hrs ago

Hi Sarah, I have followed your work and I am happy to talk directly to anyone about anything. Please DM me and we can set up a time.

Re Paul’s Substack above - I decided I would not respond to Sage yesterday as the moment I reached out to them, they violently lashed out with another substack about me. You can go look for yourself.

There is enough hate in the world. I have no time for people who act like that.

So again, if you want to have a call, and you genuinely want to understand my companies, my intention, and the reason why I am doing this. I will tell you everything. But let’s do it respectfully.

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Great! Anxiously awaiting that conversation.

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