This is the archetypal hero’s journey. identifying our inner Minotaur is serious business.

What if the war we are fighting is ultimately within ourselves?

On one level it is an outrageous and offensive question.

On another level it is a challenge to look ever more deeply within to possibly behold what we most do not want to be true; what we most emphatically are NOT. (THEY ARE!)

My contempt, tyranny, lies, and cruelty. Sitting with them as best I can right now, not perfectly but always aiming higher, with compassion, choosing to bear the ultimate responsibility of healing myself, because I see the world as much as I am as I see it as It Is.

What if we continue the hard labor of forging peace and justice in the world, while each of us shoulder the compassionate labor of peace and justice: Integrity, within?

The practice of the question nourishes the seed of becoming the change I/we wish to be in the world.

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Wow, loved the poem!

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Hmmm... if you’re ever inclined to have a conversation about your astrology natal chart (chock full of archetypes in unique relationships with each other) let me know. I am sure it would be a fun adventure! Plus it’s always awesome to have a conversation with somebody who understands what’s going on in the world right now!

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I totally agree with the "Wise Child" that is, I don't believe computers are about to take over the world. If we don't stop worrying and obsessing about how bad the government is then we won't see the horizon of things getting better. Should I take it personally when they threaten another vaccine mandate because I do. They have all the power like the people who send someone to the maze. I guess I'll probably get out but then I ask myself, will I be fighting the same war with the same political body for the rest of my life...no end in sight? How do I control my hatred?

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I wonder if you would re-consider the view of fast and slow thinking, and replace it with thinking and feeling truth instead? Thinking in whatever way we do is rational and logical, the intuitive message is quieter and slower to arise in the constant thinker because it is abstract and offers a different perspective. Whatever, a very useful piece as are many others your have penned.

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